Which Social Media Site to Use for Marketing?

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The sheer number of different social media sites out there can make it difficult to know where to focus your attention. In some ways it might make sense to choose a few sites that will be the most valuable for your business and give them the most time and attention. When trying to choose where in the world of social media to expend the most effort, there are a few ways you might go.

You might decide to simply pick the social media site with the largest global reach, in which case Facebook is the obvious choice, with 89% of those who use social media having a Facebook account. You might decide you'd prefer the site which has the easiest upkeep, in which case it doesn’t take a private investigator company to see that Twitter is the best choice. If images of your products are your strong suit, put your best foot forward and use Pinterest. Alternatively, you might choose the site that contributes the most referral traffic, which on average is Facebook (77% of B2C companies acquired customers from Facebook in 2012), but may be different for your business.

The Ratio of Referral Traffic to Active Users

Something valuable to look at is each site’s performance when you consider the ratio of active users to average referral traffic.

A 2012 report by Shareaholic looked at the number of referrals from the main social networking sites to a representative sample of websites. They found that, unsurprisingly, Facebook was the clear winner, with over 25% of referrals in the months analyzed. However, simply looking at the raw percentages might not go far enough. By considering the ratio of referrals to user base, you can more easily see where your marketing efforts might pay off. The higher the referrals per user, the more effective each interaction with a user on that social media site may be.

Ranking Social Media Sites

So, where do the main social media sites rank by this metric?

Facebook: 25% and over 1 billion active users - 0.000000025 Google+: 0.24% and 170 million active users - 0.0000000014 LinkedIn: 0.18% and 150 million active users - 0.0000000012 Twitter: 3.6% and 555 million active users - 0.0000000065 Pinterest: 2.5% and 11.7 million active users - 0.00000021

Let's make this a little bit easier to understand. For every 25 referrals from a single Facebook user, Google Plus sends 1.4, LinkedIn sends 1.2, Twitter sends 6.5 and Pinterest sends a whopping 210. What this means is that the average Pinterest user is more than ten times as valuable for converting traffic from Pinterest to your other websites.

Once you look at things this way, you can see that developing a presence on Pinterest may very well be the best way to get more referral traffic to your remote control blinds store or fashion boutique page

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