Is this really the end?

by Greg Swatek. 0 Comments

When Georgetown beat Syracuse last Saturday at Verizon Center, most people treated the occasion like it was the last time the teams were ever going to meet on a basketball court. The End of an Era coverage for the storied college hoops rivalry seemed over the top.

Less than a week later, the teams will meet again in Friday's semifinals of the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden. Not to mention, both schools would each like to continue the series going forward as non-conference rivals. Syracuse is leaving after this season for the ACC. Georgetown will be apart of the new Big East for basketball. In that setup, instead of playing at least twice a year, they will only meet once. Does that really make a big difference in the long run?

So, they will no longer be playing in the same conference. So what! In this era where conference rivalries are being thrown by the wayside in order to chase big football money and San Diego State would actually entertain the idea of joining the Big East, what do these types of rivalries mean anyway?

In some respects, it's very sad. In others, it's just the new way of doing business in sports. Life goes on.

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