I’d carpool, but what if my kid gets sick?

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You’d love to explore carpooling or becoming a transit user, but it just seems too big a risk to not have your car available at work…why should you read this post?


The best friend of anyone who chooses to leave their car at home and use transit or communal ridesharing is the Guaranteed Ride Home, or GRH, funded through the Commuter Connections program (www.commuterconnections.org). Anyone who lives in Frederick County (and many other area Counties) and utilizes any type of alternative commute mode – car or van pools, TransIT buses, cycling, or walking to work for example – and then has an unexpected emergency or unscheduled overtime that catches them without a ride home can call a toll-free number and get a ride, no questions asked. In fact, they can get up to four rides per calendar year in these types of emergency circumstances. For FREE!


GRH is a godsend for commuters trying to minimize the amount of time they spend stuck in traffic in their own personal vehicle or the costs associated with long solo commutes and parking fees. The application process is simple, and there are no membership fees or long-term commitments. It’s absolutely FREE!


To register, you can visit www.commuterconnections.org or pick up a GRH application at the TransIT office at 1040 Rocky Springs Rd in Frederick (off of Rosemont Ave behind the new Citizens & Montevue campus), the Monocacy MARC station, or the Frederick Transit Center. 


Let’s say, however, that you like this idea. Really, you do. You mean to register but it just slips your mind. You decide to give alternative commuting a try, and, wouldn’t you know it, your child gets sick that very day and needs you to pick him up at school. Call the toll free number at (800) 745-RIDE (7433) and you can get a ride right then and there. The only “catch” is that, to be eligible to receive your other three rides home (in similar emergency situations, of course) that year you will need to register formally and completely.


You do need to be a commuter who rideshares, bikes, walks, or takes mass transportation at least twice a week on a regular basis to qualify for full GRH benefits. And we do need some basic information in order for you to qualify, mostly to be able to verify unscheduled overtime should that create the emergency that necessitates your GRH. 


No cost. No obligation. Absolutely FREE!! Why wouldn’t you check it out today?!? 

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