Yelp! I need somebody!

by Amanda Cott. 0 Comments

Yelp!  I need somebody!  Not just anybody….but a good dry cleaner.  It used to be that I turned to Yelp for every recommendation.  But when I checked out the results for Frederick, I was slightly dismayed to discover that there were precisely 9 reviews of 6 different dry cleaning establishments – it’s not exactly a wealth of information on which to base a decision.  So, dearest reader (maybe even, with any luck, “reader” is actually plural) I turn to you for assistance.  Where can I find a great dry cleaner that also does very minor alterations – I’m talking a hem on my fanciest day – for a reasonable price?  I’m willing to get in the car – to the distance – but bonus points to a comment that suggests someplace close to downtown.  Thanks for the suggestions!

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