Before you buy a video game…YouTube it!!

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I love technology.  And if you’ve been reading Weave to the Write since it started or if you are new to the blog (and thank you in both cases), you know that I am also a fan of video games.  But one thing I am not a fan of is getting all hyped up about a game (or some other technology), buying it and then finding out that the reality didn’t lead up to the hype.

We’ve all been there over the years.  We’ve been burned from time to time when it comes to seeing a movie that we thought was going to be better or even, like I said before, hearing and seeing all of this great advertising about a video game and then when the day comes to buy and play it, you want to throw it in the trash.

But fear not!!  There is still hope when it comes to better preparing yourself for the video games that you want to buy.  It’s called YouTube; and to be more specific, “gameplay videos” on YouTube.

So what is a gameplay video?  A gameplay video is, when done right, an online video that involves a fellow gamer walking you through the main campaign or demo of a game.  It’s like you are watching exactly what you will eventually play if you decide to buy the game (see the video below for an example).  

So you get to see the final (or near-final) version of the game rather than some hyped-up media blitz that gaming companies of all sizes send out to build up interest in their games.

Now, you can go onto YouTube, type in the game that you want to see gameplay on (for example, you would type “Tomb Raider Gameplay” or “Tomb Raider Walkthrough” into the YouTube search bar) and you will probably get a few hundred hits that won’t give you what you really want to see.  Also, and to be honest, you will probably get some gamers that are a little annoying when it comes to them commentating over top of the gameplay.  I’ve experienced my share of both good and bad gameplay videos, and let me tell ya, there are a lot more annoying ones than not.

So then how do you find the “good ones”, you ask?  Well, I’ve found two good ones for you!

My number one source for great gameplay videos and commentary is with “theRadBrad” - who can be found on YouTube here.  He puts up entire walkthroughs for games around a week before the game comes out, is funny with his commentary to the point where he isn’t annoying and he just seems like a person that I wouldn’t mind sitting down with to have a beer and talk about the industry with one day.

Here’s an example of the great commentary and video quality from theRadBrad:

My number two source is “GhostRobo” - who can be found on YouTube here.  GhostRobo is truly a character - and I say that respectfully and with a smile on my face.  He can be a little annoying at times, but I can tell that he definitely enjoys putting up numerous videos to keep his viewers entertained and informed.  So if you want to get some insight into a game, and aren’t afraid of some “interesting” commentary throughout the video, give GhostRobo a shot.

Here’s an example of GhostRobo in action:

Personal Note: both theRadBrad and GhostRobo have their own, unique styles for producing gameplay videos.  Each have made me laugh out loud and each have provided me with enough information to let me decide whether or not I should purchase numerous games to date.  So whichever one you chose, just make sure you understand that they aren’t always PG-rated.

So before you throw your money down on the counter (either literally or online), take a few minutes to jump online and check out some gameplay videos of the title(s) in question.  It will definitely save you time and money that you could otherwise spend playing something that is truly worth your hard-earned cash.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know how you prepare to buy a game that you’ve been waiting to pick up in the comments section below.



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