Working at Home is On the Rise

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I've spent a couple of days recently commuting down to D.C. for work meetings, using a combination of driving my own single-occupancy vehicle as far as the Shady Grove Metro and then hopping aboard the subway to Union Station.  Suffice it to say that revisiting the horrors of driving on I270 and Rt. 355 at rush hour made me decide to post more on the blog about telework!  Not to mention that, on April 10th, we'll be hosting a TeleWorkshop a the Frederick Chamber of Commerce from 8:15-10 a.m. for business leaders and H.R. professionals who wnat to explore either developing a telework program for their employees or formalizing an informal policy already in place.  If you're interested in attending (we're even throwing in free breakfast!), e-mail for more information.



[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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