Am I Social Enough?

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Whether you’re a superstore selling across 11 states or a small, mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar bakery setting-up a small website, you need to brand, or monetize, yourself online.

How do you do this? By being active online. Posting, blogging and communicating across the web, setting-up a Facebook page and tweeting on a regular basis will give you an advantage over your competitors, at best, and most likely just keep you running in the game.

Consider your Audience, Then Speak to Them

Just as you do with any marketing strategy, you need to first identify your audience. Who is interested in what you’re selling? And a possibly even more important question: who do you want to be interested in your what you’re offering?

Based on who you what to engage, craft your messages. This sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised out how easily this can be overlooked.

If you run a local tavern that seems to serve the college crowd more then not, consider updates on drink specials via tweet blasts. Maybe contributing daily to your blog about quilting competitions and highlighting new trends would benefit your online craft store. If you specialize in helping people get jobs, a post about the top 10 mistakes made on a federal resume would be perfect for your target audience.

The key is to give your readers something useful, not just try to sell yourself. By doing so, you position your company as an expert in the field. This kind of credibility will translate into sales. It just takes some time.

Sure you can use your social media to announce new products and services. But social media isn’t designed to be a hard sell tool. It’s about building a community around your brand. To do this, you need to offer your readers something important to them.

How Often is Often Enough? How Much is Too Much?

You need to remain engaged without annoying the majority of your followers. If you’re doing a good job at providing them with useful info, then you’re less likely to turn people off.

Consistency is key. Consistent updates to your Facebook page and regular tweets are just as important as the quality of your content. But, how often will score you the right consistency?

The actual number of engagement instances depends on your level of following. What a small business does is not the same as a world-renowned pop artist.

For most, a general rule of thumb is 2-3 tweets a day and 1-2 Facebook updates a day. Ideally, check what others in the industry are doing and follow their lead. As long as you’re adding to the conversation and providing engaging, useful content, you can’t go wrong.

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