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  As a follow-up to the Infographic posted here on Friday March 22nd, here is some information from regarding the state of telework in the United States and the amount of money and time formal telework programs can save companies, communities, and consumers.


·         If employees who held telework-compatible jobs and wanted to work at home did so just half of the time, the economic benefit would total just over $700 BILLION a year.

·         Businesses would:

o   Save over $500 billion annually in real estate, electricity, absenteeism, and turnover/productivity (more than $11,000 per employee/year).

o   Increase national productivity by 5,000,000 man-years (or $270 billion worth of work)

o   Save additional money on utilities, janitorial services, security, maintenance, paper goods, coffee & water service, leased parking spaces, transit subsidies, ADA compliance, environmental penalties, equipment, furnishings, and office supplies.

·         Consumers would:

o   Gain back the equivalent of 2-3 weeks worth of free time per year (otherwise time spent commuting)

o   Save between $2,000 and $7,000 in transportation and work-related expenses. 

o   Save $20 billion at the gas pumps.

·         The Nation would:

o   Reduce greenhouse gases by 54 million tons – equal to taking almost 10,000,000 cars off the road for a year. This would be the same as eliminating the emissions from the entire New York State workforce!)

o   Reduce wear and tear on our highways by over 119 billion miles a year, saving communities hundreds of millions of dollars in highway maintenance. Don’t like proposed gasoline taxes? Increase teleworking!

o   Save almost 90,000 people from traffic-related injury or death, and reduce accident-related costs by over $10 billion each year.

o   Save over 640,000,000 barrels of oil, or 37% of Persian Gulf imports – that’s over $64 billion saved!


     Of course, teleworking has been in the news lately in a different light, with two large national employers – Yahoo! And Best Buy – eliminating their telework programs. Not every business is able to offer telework as a viable option, and it must be carefully thought-out and implemented to be successful. That said, if more people in Frederick were able to telework even one day a week, imagine the results! If you think your H.R. department would be interested in receiving FREE assistance with developing and implementing a telework policy, have them call (240) 397-6044 or e-mail for more information. There's even a FREE TeleWorkshop, breakfast included, being held on April 10th at the Frederick Chamber. Call (240) 397-6044 to register. 

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