A little more Scotty, please

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Scotty McCreery tells Roughstock.com that fans can expect to hear "a little more me" on his upcoming sophomore album. The first single, and title track, is "See You Tonight." He co-wrote the song with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell. Along with studying, touring and concert dates, Scotty tells Roughtstock.com that he's co-written two of the songs, so far, on the album -- something he didn't have time to do for his debut album.

"There will be love songs and sweet songs and stuff, but I'm hoping to have some songs that everybody out there can relate to, whether they're teenagers or 50 years old," he said in the Roughtstock.com interview.

Scotty will be the grand marshal at the 86th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, April 26 to May 5, in Winchester, Va. He will attend the Firefighters' Parade the evening of May 3 and the Saturday afternoon Grand Feature Parade on May 4.

Tate Stevens hometown honored him recently by painting his name on the town's 160-foot water tower.

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The tower in Belton, Mo., now reads "Home of Tate Stevens, Live the Dream!" Stevens is a former road worker for the city and was the winner of Fox's "The X Factor." His debut single and video is "Power of a Love Song." Tate's debut album releases April 23, according to a news release from EB Media.

“It’s moments like this that really make me smile,” Stevens said. “The support I’ve felt from the community is incredible, and I hope I can continue to make them proud. I’m so incredibly humbled by this honor.”

Belton officials unveiled the landmark, located near Stevens' home, on March 31 with the formal dedication, which Stevens will attend, scheduled for April 22.

Tate will be at The Great Frederick Fair Sept.15. Tickets are $27 reserved grandstand and $32 reserved track seating.

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"American Idol" songwriting competition 2008 winner Reggie Hamm is spearheading a campaign to "Find the Angels" -- the misdiagnosed and often underserved children affected by Angelman syndrome, a rare genetic disease. Regie's daughter, Bella, was diagnosed with Angelman. It occurs in 1 in 15,000 live births and AS children are missing a tiny piece of maternal chromosome that renders them in need of constant care throughout life. Characteristics of AS include developmental delays, lack of speech, seizures, walking and balance disorders, and a constant happy disposition. Children with AS are often misdiagnosed with autism or cerebral palsy. Bella was diagnosed as autistic for five years before genetic testing proved she had AS.

As Regie wrote in his book, "Angels & Idols," his wife encouraged him to write "one more song," and enter it in the "American Idol" songwriting contest. With one week to the deadline and a mountain of medical bills, Regie penned the words, "I'll taste every moment and live it out loud .. this the time of my life."

His winning entry, "The Time of My Life," was the debut single for seventh season "Idol" winner David Cook and was certified platinum. Regie's book is now in script development to become a movie, according to a news release from PR and marketing company Webster & Associates LLC.

Bella was an orphaned baby girl that Regie and his wife, Yolanda, adopted from China. To learn more about Angelman syndrome, visit findtheangels.org.

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