Five Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media

by Adrienne Erin. 0 Comments

Social media is way for businesses to connect with current customers, potential customers, and even other businesses. Customers that “like” or “follow” you can see special deals, get to interact personally with you, and also get a deeper insight into who and what your business is all about. Everyone knows the basics of social media, but here are a few things (some helpful and some fun) that you may not have known about social media. 

1. You can create surveys and polls on Facebook. Facebook allows its users to create surveys and polls for followers. What better way to engage with your customers than to get their feedback? Businesses have the opportunity to ask their customers really anything they want to find out. How is our customer service? What color do you want to see more of in our store? The possibilities are endless and your customers will feel like they are contributing something to your business.

2. The Twitter bird has a name! The little blue bird that represents Twitter is named Larry. He was named after Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird. According to CNBC, they think it has something to do with the fact that Twitter’s co-found Biz Stone grew up in Massachusetts.

3. Instagram has a follow limit. Instagram users are only able to follow 7,500 people. If you exceeded that limit somehow at some point, you have to delete some before you are able to follow more. The catch there is that you are only able to unfollow and follow 160 people per hour.

4. Twitter’s search bar is one of its greatest features. Users are able to search for your business name, terms related to your business, popular hash tags, and more. You can even create saved searches for items that you look up frequently. For example, if you are a searcher you want to find out more about a Fayetteville, NC lawyer before you decide to do business with them, you can search for that in the search bar and see if anyone has mentioned them or talks about them.

5. You can promote your Facebook posts to make them more popular. For posts that seem to be getting really great interaction with your fans, think about promoting them to your fans and even friends of your fans. What a great way to get new potential customers to learn about your business! You already know that the post is getting interaction, so why not get some more?

Use social media to its fullest for your business. Putting a voice to your brand and interacting with your customers will not only make your current customers happy, but could also gain you new customers. 

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