Lu and Joe’s Lovin’

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With summer time approaching, there’s one thing that’s high-up on every Marylander’s list: crabs, crabs, and more crabs, covered in Old Bay.

While my family usually likes to go down by the bay and buy them, there’s one place around home that always has the best crabs, good music, and fun times, and that’s Lu and Joes.

Perched right on the side of Rt. 27 between Damascus and Mount Airy, Lu and Joe’s is the perfect place to stop for a quick dinner with the family, or, if you are of age, grab a few beers and hang out in the bar.

It’s not the biggest restaurant, which I find makes time at Lu and Joe’s all the more fun. If you’re local, you will almost always see someone you know. If you are just stopping by on your way home, you will meet the friendly people that spend their time there.

If you go on the weekends, plan to watch others sing their hearts out doing karaoke, and maybe even sing a song yourself. Not interested in the bar scene? Lu and Joe’s bar is separate from their seated restaurant area, so you can grab a table and skip bar.

If you’re bringing your kids, have no fear. Lu and Joe’s has a menu chockfull of everything from fries and a burger, to Lo Mein and General Tso’s Chicken, to my favorite, all-you-can-eat crabs.

The friendly service at Lu and Joe’s combined with the small-restaurant feel always reminds me of a place you’d see in a movie. Regulars are always there, having fun with their friends and playing Keno in the bar, cheering for their friends as they walk in the door.

Whenever a new group of people come in to experience Lu and Joe’s for the first time, you never see them leave without a smile on their face. Lu and Joe’s is the perfect place to have a delicious dinner, or to let loose after a long week.

To get directions or see their delicious menu, check out their website at

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