Accounting Career Advice for Recent Graduates

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Jobs in the accounting field are competitive. As a result, applicants must still work hard after receiving a degree to find a job. Finding a job is especially hard for those who have little to no experience. Most accounting firms prefer to hire people who already know what they are doing. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate their knowledge to further their chance of landing a career in the accounting field.

Applicants should start the job process by creating a resume. Since a resume is the first thing that an employer sees, it needs to look professional. Candidates should highlight their credentials, software knowledge and experience. Those who worked as an intern for an accounting firm should list it on their resume. It is also important for people to spellcheck their resumes before submitting them. For additional resume help, check out sites online like and

Another important part of landing an accounting job is to have a successful interview. All those who are looking for a job should prepare for interviews beforehand. People can look up practice questions online that interviewers may ask. Those who have a general idea of how to answer a question usually feel less nervous and more prepared. During an interview, make sure to highlight your abilities. Besides that, employers are more likely to hire those who display confidence.

While in school, students should take some classes dealing with computers and software. The accounting field has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, most accounting firms use high-tech software to complete various tasks. This software helps with tasks such as budgeting, forecasting, payroll preparation and bank reconciliation. Those who want to land a good job in the accounting field should have software skills. Taking software courses in college can help students land a job.

In addition to taking software courses, students should also work on keeping a high grade point average. Those who graduate at the top of their class usually have an easier time finding a job right after graduation. In fact, most employers prefer to hire people who demonstrate intelligence and motivation. Having good grades is a way for students to show accounting firms that they are intelligent and have good work ethic.

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