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I make no claim to be the smartest person in the world. In fact, I make no claim as to being the smartest person you know (or read, or curse or forget about). But I just cannot handle what America has become. My vehemence on the subject actually surprises me. What actually may surprise you is this column appears to be devoid of any humor or snark. Maybe it’s the new medication my doctor prescribed for me – or maybe I’m just overwhelmed with “meh.”

As a disclaimer, I am no Obama fan. I wasn’t a huge fan of Romney, but voting for him was more of an “anyone-but-Obama” move than a direct endorsement. I also do not identify with the John Birch Society, or the tin-foil hat crowd. This is why I have no idea as to why I feel a dark pit of despair open whenever I think about the state of the Union. Further, I’m not normally funny – the jokes in my column are all written by my twitter followers. All four of them (in their defense, they’re very funny people.)

Where to begin? Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the following happen right here on our soil: two suspects in a terrorist activity hunted down; one killed, the other wounded in the throat and taken into custody (without being Mirandized). The Internal Revenue Service revealing that they audited and shone a very harsh light upon those organizations and companies that identified as being “conservative.” The Department of State seizing intellectual property and claiming that no one else can use or benefit from the technology. And our media letting the Benghazi incident fade into the background with stories downplaying the scope and seriousness of the event.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have seen government furloughs being enacted to cause the maximum amount of damage and effect to the citizenry the government has sworn to protect. State governments have been crushed by unfunded federal mandates such as Obamacare (and those that try to explain that mess can’t definitively tell the public what the health care plan is about, let alone what it does). While all of this bedlam and anarchy begins to take hold, the executive branch decides, almost unilaterally, that it is the perfect time to try and rescind our Second Amendment rights.

Is anyone paying attention to this stuff? I know there are hardcore critics of the administration out there, and they’re doing all they can, but it’s almost like yelling into hurricane-force winds – it takes a great deal of effort, but the end product is lost in the swirl. Or they’re decried as idiots and non-believers who are trying to tear down all of the “good” the current government has started. (An ironic point here is that other countries, like France and Spain, that elected ultra-liberal governments saw what was going to happen right away and took steps to limit the damage, while we just stay the course and like a buyer that made a bad choice continue to justify our selection.) It appears that there is no opportunity to have any civilized discourse about these issues; the objective is to polarize your opponent and discredit them as soon as possible. The expectation – heck even the hope – of someone to unite the country and get it back on track is becoming more and more a pipe dream.

Which is sad.

I have no doubt that, during my lifetime, there will be a revolution in this country.

Which will also be sad.

Even with its problems, issues and difficulties, the United States is the greatest nation the earth has ever known. I firmly believe in this; I started off life as an adopted kid and all that entails. This country, and the opportunity it affords allowed me to go to a loving family, where I was given the chance to take advantage of education and experiences that have made me a reasonably successful member of the community. Very few other countries during this time or any other could have afforded someone like me the future that I live.

I fear that my son will only know the America of today – the America that is shifty; that is dishonest; that rewards lack of effort more than effort; that is unlovable. We’re reaching a crisis point – a line of no return. I hope we can get back before the country truly does change.

For the worse.


Christopher Markham writes a regular column for fredericknewspost.com.

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