Frederick Beer Week rapidly coming to a close.

by Chris Sands. 0 Comments

Well, my intentions of making daily blog posts about FBW events that I attended didn't quite come to fruition.  

I wasn't able to make it to the Stillpoint Festival, but everyone I spoke to said it was a great time.  Bethany Rodgers wrote a good story about it for the FNP.

Monday I went to the Devil's Backbone pint night at Madrones.  While I didn't get a pint glass (they had run out), I did get to try Beggars and Thieves.

Tuesday I stopped by Flying Dog for the release of Easy IPA.  There were quite a few people there, and I was told it was the largest attendance for a Brewhouse Rarity release.

Wednesday I went to JoJo's for the Evolution Brewing pint night.  I was very impressed with Incubator (a Belgian inspired, slightly hoppy brew with a very peppery finish), and as always their Lot 3 IPA was delicious.  I had a great time learning about the brewery from one of their reps.

Tonight it is back to JoJo's for Frederick beer night, then the Maryland Craft Beer Festival Tomorrow.

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