Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

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While social media is still a fairly new phenomenon, its impact on how we conduct our personal and professional lives cannot be ignored. The exponential growth of this communications tool has changed the way we go about our daily lives and how we conduct business. Established companies that disregarded the potential of social media to maintain and grow their customer base are scrambling to catch up.

You’ll Find Me on Facebook

What some business owners may have considered a passing fad has grown into a way of life for a vast majority of the population. Some people practically live in their “virtual world” of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. There are those who seldom check email anymore, but if you need to contact them, they’re on Facebook all day every day. For people like these, if it’s not on Facebook, it doesn’t exist. Businesses can’t afford to be invisible to potential customers like these.

Tweet and Retweet

The best part of using social media is how you can communicate to a potentially global audience instantaneously. The 140 characters in a tweet go out instantly to all your followers and can be retweeted endlessly. Who would want to pass up this free marketing tool?

YouTube Versatility

Some people are attracted to a more visual virtual reality like YouTube. This could take a little more time to get set up and gain followers, but it may be a better fit for your type of business. It could also be a valuable tool for your employees. For instance, you could post a video about forklift training that they could access from home, saving time and money on training costs.

It may take some time and experimentation to find out which social media is the best fit for your company, but unless your customers are all over the age of 85, it’s worth the effort. The tools are free, so you just need to figure out how to use them most effectively. Once you come up with a workable strategy, your advertising expenses will plummet.

One pitfall to avoid is trying to do too much all at once. Start by setting up an account with one channel and get used to how it works. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can add onto your social marketing with other available tools. If something isn’t working for you, don’t waste time on it; move on after a month or two of experimentation. After you have various accounts set up in several platforms, you can work on integrating them to avoid duplicative efforts. There are several online tools to help you with that, also.

In the virtual world of social media, make sure your company is visible. Who knows how many potential customers are looking for you online?

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