Rise of the Guardians

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I wasn’t very enthusiastic about watching this film. I have an issue with writers taking existing fairy tales – or the characters therein – and just re-writing their origins.  I know that may seem silly or even arrogant, but I just don’t like it.  It says to me that someone is not creative enough to come up with an original concept. Instead, they rip off an existing character idea and just embellish it a bit.  That’s usually how these tales go.

Fortunately, “Rise of the Guardians” is actually pretty good.  It’s worthwhile entertainment, more for adults than young children though.  There’s a lot of violence and some pretty heavy issues being presented.  Being ignored because people don’t believe in you does not sound quite right for kids ages 12 and under.  It’s okay though for older ones.  The Sandman is rather lovable, the Easter Bunny is fun, and Jack Frost is charming.  Santa Claus is a little intimidating to say the least, but his elves and yetis are fun.   As far as characters go though, the Tooth Fairy is kind of creepy.  Forget the Boogeyman!  I am more concerned about that creature with gossamer wings that collects your teeth!

The tale focuses on Jack Frost, a fairy tale character that is often overlooked.  Okay, so here he gets a fair treatment.  It’s nice to see Jack as something OTHER than some sort of imp or ice faerie that is somehow associated with Santa.  Jack is voiced by Chris Pine, and he’s likable right away.  “Rise of the Guardians” is more the tale of how Jack Frost became who he is, which of course he must discover in the course of this film.  If the film had just focused on this, it would be easier to take.

Sadly, the film doesn’t do that.  Instead, it has to have the children of the world being threatened by the Boogeyman (wonderfully portrayed by Jude Law).  He’s more of an ego-maniac than a villain, but he looks cool and his nightmares (aka. his horses) are a nice touch.  That’s not why Jack becomes involved though.  No sir – Jack becomes involved because the Man in the moon says he is to become the newest Guardian.  The Guardians are like a elite club of super heroes, comprised of Santa Claus, The Sandman, the Tooth Faerie, and the Easter Bunny.  These Guardians protect the children of the world.  Here’s a question though: what are they protecting the kids from?  The Guardians derive their very existence and magical powers from the belief children have in them. 

This film is entertaining and I found many parts to be in fact well thought out stories.  The only issue I had with this film is that it should have been about Jack Frost only.  I would have found that more agreeable.  Regardless, “Rise of the Guardians” is fun enough to warrant watching.  It’s not very holiday-ish, but it is winter-themed if that matters to you. 

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