Next Generation Arcade Sticks!

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

Madcatz has evolved from being a third-party company that made mediocre gaming controllers and peripherals, to a leading powerhouse in supplying the gaming community with high quality arcade sticks, controllers, headsets and accessories. Just unveiled at E3 was their new Tournament Edition 2 arcade stick. It somewhat resembles its predecessor in terms stick and button layout. However, the entire device is entirely different. The TE2 has more for a square shape to it, illuminates, has a detachable USB cable and even has the ability to have its artwork changed with ease. I am a big fan of MadCatz’s sticks and I look forward to hearing and seeing more about their products in the near future!

Article: Engadget’s First Look at the new MadCatz Arcade Fightstick for XBOX One

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