E3 2013: Sony Strikes Back!

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

Seven years ago, Sony announced the PlayStation 3. It must have been one of the company’s low points with Kazuo Hirai (then CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment) yelling “RIIIIIIDGE RACER!” and saying “Attack the weak point!” during the conference.

In addition, the initial PS3 price point of $599 didn’t help Sony sell their new console to the masses. Regardless, the PS3, despite launching a year behind the XBOX 360, sold over 40 million units worldwide and eventually achieved success. Fast forward to the present and Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 4.

To put it bluntly, Microsoft will be a having a very hard time trying to keep up with its counterpart. With the PS4 being $100 cheaper than the XBOX One, containing no DRM measures and no forced online requirement to make the console work, the PS4 has won over many gamers; myself included. Just watch the press conference for yourself!

Available: Holiday 2013.

Price: $399

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