Living on the “Edge”

by Taylor Colbert. 0 Comments

Eight years ago, one of my very best friends moved from my hometown in Montgomery County, to what seemed to be the other end of the Earth, Edgewater in Anne Arundel County.

To middle school students who couldn't drive, she may as well have moved to China. Planning trips to see each other and to make the hour-long trip were a hassle; our parents had to make time for drop-offs and pick-ups. As the years passed though, and we were able to drive ourselves, I realized how much I loved visiting Edgewater.

Edgewater has a bit of a split personality - it has some of the pizzazz of its neighbor, Annapolis, but has beautiful, small-town charm, too. Edgewater is a haven for boaters, like my friend and her family. Because it's located, well, on the edge of the water, there are yacht clubs and marinas everywhere, making boating easily accessible.

Another treasure that draws me to Edgewater is the AMAZING seafood that is seemingly everywhere. My favorite was a mouth-watering crab cake sandwich at the Edgewater Restaurant, but there are plenty of other options around the town.

What I enjoy about Edgewater is that it's only about an hour from where I'm from, but it's like a mini-vacation each time I get to visit! There's beautiful scenery everywhere, with breathtaking views of the water that put your mind at ease, even if it's just for a quick visit.

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