Flying Dog Summer Sessions with Deer Tick and Old Indian

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It’s no secret that Flying Dog brewery in Frederick, MD keeps getting better and better as the company continues to dream big! I particularly appreciate their growing investment in local cultural activities, carefully mixing local artist with big names and affluent citizens of the community just like they craft their killer brews. This past Saturday’s Sumer Sessions concert series with Deer Tick and Old Indian was a brilliant example of “what’s on tap” for modern music lovers in Frederick.

Deer Tick, a little band who started in the little state of Rhode Island in 2004, quickly became know for their big stage personalities and now have 75k Facebook fans and international success. Their country tinged gritty rock and roll is a modern American pop culture staple.

Deer Tick took stage right about 7:15pm, opening with the rowdy Lets All Go To The Bar and delivering a lengthy 1:30hr +encore set full of energy, beer, and goofing around that fans have come to expect. Check out the photo’s [here on Facebook] to get a peak at the smile educing array of stage jumps, dirty dancing, geek out band moments, and more. The set included favorites from the most recent album, Divine such as the afore mentioned Let’s All Go To The Bar, The Bump, and Miss K as well as classics such as Baltimore Blues and covers of Merle Haggard’s Today I Started Loving You Again and Warren Zevon’s Lawyers, Guns, and Money. The weather was spectacular and Deer Tick proved to be nothing less than the great performers they are known to be, but the coolest part of this event was getting the opportunity to listen to local favorites, Old Indian rock on the big stage.

Old Indian’s been riding a wave of current milestones for the band having just released their first EP, being featured on an upcoming Flying Dog compilation, and playing an endless string of progressively bigger shows leading up to this awesome opportunity at Flying Dog to turn their amps up to 11 and rock an entire square block of outdoor space filled with new ears. Old Indian kept momentum through out their lengthy set, doing a good job of pleasing die hard and potential new fans. The set included some new and rarely heard songs and also super tight versions of everyone’s favorite jams that were sure to win them some new friends.

I wanted Old Indian to have the chance to tell you in their own words about their experience at this show, so the guys were kind enough to do a written correspondence with yours truly. Below is the short interview.

Bucket Blogger: Tell me about setting up for a big stage like the one at Flying Dog. Was your set up a lot different than normal local shows? What was your favorite part about the big stage set up? Did you bring any extra special gear to show just for the occasion?

Old Indian: Well we got there late because I (Cory) read the email wrong, luckily we don't take that long to set up but we definitely had to play catch up before the gates opened. The big stage production is nice because you can do a sound check and ask for more of bass, vocals, and so on in the monitors. For a louder band like us it just makes everything easier to hear. Nothing really special for this show except changed strings on one guitar and bought a tuner. Mark got a sweet new bass, no more baby blue.

BB: I'm sure playing on the big stage was a great opportunity, what personally did you learn or take away from the whole experience?

OI: Green rooms are cool.

BB: For those who haven't asked, I'm sure they are dying to know if you got to meet the Deer Tick members. So did you get to chat with the band?

OI: Yeah we met all the guys from deer tick. We small talked a little. Real nice guys. They were heading back home after that show.

BB: What was your favorite beer and/or food truck at the event?

OI: We tried a little bit of everything. Flying dog treated us, great big thanks to them. All the food trucks were great. I think everybody in the band got something different. There was a diverse selection of food rather than all deep fried food. 

BB: With this great wave of mile stones lately for the band, is touring or possibly playing some other festivals in your near future?

OI: Your too kind to call it a great wave of mile stones...hopefully the wave just gets bigger until we can ride it into space. We actually are going on a 5 day tour next month, ending in Detroit at a skateboard vert contest called party at the ponds. Should be awesome!!


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