Easiest Ways to Manage Social Media Analytics

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Just like your website, it’s important to analyze your social media site, too. Basically, this analysis brings together all of the data from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter along with blogs to help your business succeed. If you want to improve the bottom line, reach more of your audience or know exactly what you’re doing right (and wrong), this is crucial. Mining your own social media pages lets you see exactly where you need to focus.

For example, you can find out when the best time for you to Tweet or post a Facebook message is. Do you know how far every Tweet reaches? How about which blogs are the most popular and which Facebook posts are liked the most? If you don’t know off the top of your head, it’s time to get into social media analytics.

Don’t Pay for It

There are a number of tools online and some great ones are free. Unless you need a particular paid tool because a feature isn’t offered anywhere else, there’s no reason to pay to mine data. Start with Facebook Fan Page Insights if Facebook is your social media tool of choice. It’s updated in real time and features an easy to use dashboard. You can see demographics, page views, likes, friends and fans.

PageLever Minilytics is another great option and also focuses on Facebook. It provides similar information as Insights, but also gives you a concrete number with the cost needed to expand on social media. It’s safe, secure and you can choose what information you want revealed.

For the Tweeting Crowd

TweetReach has a great free option and an advanced program is also available for purchase. It’s easy to track hashtags, links and an easy-to-read report is quickly generated. If you want more, the Pro version offers a dashboard similar to Minilytics and you’ll get support services to boot. You can also simply search for something like a phrase or Twitter handle and see how far it’s gone.

If you want to track all of your social media reach, Google Analytics Social Plugins are a great tool. You can set it up as an app to get instant information, like if a particular Tweet has gone viral. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all tracked via Google and it keeps you informed on which posts are performing best, like that post about finding the right divorce lawyers.

Analyze for Monetization

If you want to monetize your site, it’s crucial to track your social media engagement. Get the insight you need for free and figure out where your efforts need improvement. Otherwise, you’re likely making at least a few mistakes that are easy to correct.

Consider tracking social media just as important as keeping tabs on your website. You spend time — and perhaps money, if you’ve got a social media manager on your team — on social media, so make it count.

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