Microsoft’s Dilemma

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

Microsoft’s E3 press conference was less than stellar in comparison to Sony’s press conference. With the PS4 coming in $100 cheaper, boasting better hardware specs and not having any DRM for its software, Microsoft tried its best to stick to their guns. The issue of always being online, mandatory installations and massive used game restrictions made the XBOX One more of a console for the developers/publishers as opposed to the gamer. I personally feel that’s a cheap shot to the consumer because they would always have to by the game new & not everyone has $60 to burn on a game they may or may not like. To add insult to injury, when Don Mattrick, the spokesperson for the XBOX E3 conferences, was asked about consumers who want a XBOX One but no internet connection, Mattrick blatantly stated that those consumers should go for the XBOX 360. Major Fail.

Sony most definitely had Microsoft shaken because they had more to offer at an even lesser price with no DRM restrictions. With Amazon PS4 pre-order sales going through the roof, Microsoft was indeed put in a tight spot. Recently, Microsoft listened to the concerns of its fan base and as a result, nullified all of the XBOX One DRM restrictions. Although this move makes the XBOX One of a contender for the living room this holiday, the damage is already done. If Microsoft would have cared about their consumers, the DRM restrictions wouldn’t have been implemented in the first place. All of the restrictions Microsoft had placed would have had all of that money gone to them. Sony isn’t doing anything like this for their system. Hence, their mantra for the PS4 is that the system is here purely for the games. It may have its apps (Netflix, Pandora, etc.) but their focus is putting gamers first and isn’t designed to be the only focus for one’s living room.

With everything being said, Microsoft can’t avoid this PR nightmare despite their DRM reversal. To make matters even more convoluted, Don Mattrick, the XBOX spokesperson, left his company to join Zynga (makers of Farmville, Cityville, etc.). Without a leader and a vision, how can you move forward? As Microsoft finds a new voice for the XBOX, Sony is just sitting pretty with their PS4 pre-orders selling out like hot cakes.

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