1 Voice Trekking/Helping Up Mission Partnership

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

1 Voice Trekking members will lead a short hike through Patapsco Valley State Park this weekend in conjunction with Helping Up Mission.  At the midpoint the group will pause for an opportunity for conversation, group therapy, and meditation.  Helping Up Mission, one of Baltimore’s oldest and largest non-profit organizations, seeks to help homeless and destitute members of our community who are also suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction, abuse, neglect and poverty.  Helping Up Mission focuses on a holistic approach to recovery and healing that is Christ-centered.  One quote at the Helping Up website reads,

“By addressing the root causes of addiction-related homelessness, broken men can realize the abundant life intended for them, escaping Baltimore’s streets for good.”

The idea behind this partnership between Helping Up Mission and 1 Voice Trekking is to give these young men and adults the opportunity to get away from their normal urban environment, escaping Baltimore’s streets, to take them to a place where thoughts and beliefs can be explored and where physical exertion can lead to spiritual and personal growth.

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