Face Swapping

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“Face Swapping” sounds like a trend to hit a freaky dystopian scifi city, which actually has a few elements in common with the explanation of this meme. Firstly, there is advanced technology involved, however the swapping of faces is done only through using Photoshop, not by some horrifying laser procedure. Second, the results of this meme are usually pretty trippy and therefore worth staring for an extended period. Lets go right into a common example.

Swapping the face of someone young and someone old (as seen above) is very odd. I personally think that Face Swaps are so interesting to look at because you can tell where the one face should be, and no matter how many you see, you are still amused that such a photo can exist despite knowing it is a ‘shopped’ image (shortened version of photo-shopped). Another common way to make an effective face-swap is to switch the faces of a couple (or just people of opposite genders) for a similarly perplexing effect.  

There is even an app (application, such as on a touch-tablet or smart phone) that makes face-swapping easier. The app makes the meme even more accessible since many people don’t have Photoshop on their computer or the skill/time to successfully swap the faces of people. I have never used this app, so keep in mind that simply by mentioning it: I AM NOT RECCOMENDING IT PERSONALLY (always ask Google if apps are safe and do your own research regarding this), but the fact that such a thing does exist as an app does say a little bit about the popularity of the meme (despite the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ which implies that there is an app for almost anything, which is pretty much true considering the vast number of apps).

Moving right along, I have a few personal favorites in the vast amount of face-swap sub-memes. One of them is the swapping out of anyone’s face with that of actor Nicholas Cage. The trend of switching in his face particularly started around 2011 and was particularly strong in 2012. Face-swaps are not Human-to-Human exclusive.

This last image (actually a photo-set, which is exactly what it sounds like) is actually from NicCageAsEveryone, a blog that states in its description a fervent ““belief that everything in life would be better with a little more Nic Cage, the most unique and versatile actor of his generation”.

To check that out head over here: NicCageasEveryone.blogspot.com

There is even a Community page on Facebook that you can Like to follow for more NicCage FaceSwap fun: https://www.facebook.com/NicolasCageFaceSwaps

Another of my personal favorites in face-swapping is when the face of Nigel Thronberry, an animated character from the 1998-2004 Nickelodeon show “The Wild ThornBerrys” is shopped on to the body of others (usually another cartoon character). The image is then often accompanied by his catchphrase “Smashing”. As a zoologist and maker of nature documentaries, Nigel often finds things in the wilderness to be “Smashing” and declares so in an enthused and nasally voice.

Here he is normally, just so that you can get a feel for the character if you are unfamiliar.

And here are some rather weird face-swaps.

My all-time favorite face-swap has to be combining Nigel Thornberry and his catchphrase with Pokemon, especially these clever ones.

Now that I’ve shown you a bunch of odd and maybe even disturbing photo-edit images, I leave you with a sign off picture combining Nigel face-swap with the next meme topic I will cover.

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