Kamikaze Pigs: The aporkalypse is upon us!!!

by Brooks Weaver. 0 Comments

Ready for some crazy, destructive fun on your mobile device? Then check out Chillingo’s new game: Kamikaze Pigs!!

With over 40 levels of pig-blasting fun across five battlefields that span the globe, the game presents you with the ability to play solo or compete with your friends in Survival Mode on Facebook. Priced at $0.99 the game is easy to pick up, and it’s controls are very straightforward - just take aim and fire to make your mark!

Wage battle in the “aporkalypse” with over 25 upgrades that are available for your arsenal, and fight your way to pig supremacy by completing 36 achievements that will keep you going for weeks to come.

Kamikaze Pigs is now available on iOS.

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