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I cannot believe it is almost the end of July. Time is flying by but that happens when life is so busy, and the Snake Trapper has been busy. Snake season 2013 has truly been filled with many blessings. This has been one the busiest in my history.

It took over 10 years but finally my snake company has finally opened. It was the best feeling to finally reach this part of my life. Taking a simple hobby, my enjoyment of snakes, and working with other people in a similiar field to be able to do this for a living. It has always been in my heart and of course there have been many bumps but finally I am there.

Just remember to never get ahead of yourself and slow down. Don't expect or wish you could have started at the top. Maybe that can happen with some. But with hard work and dedication you truly can reach your goals. There are many I want to thank, including the animal control agencies, Department of Natural Resources, snake clients, and most importantly the beautiful snakes of Maryland.

Well, there have been a couple of very interesting snake episodes this season I wanted to share with you. Have you heard of “Snakes on a Plane”? Well, how about snake on a helicopter. Yes, you heard it right. I was referred by the Department of Natural Resources to the Maryland State Police medi vac aviation command located in Sailsbury, MD for a snake that had apparently entered through the landing gear.

The pilot saw a Black Rat Snake on the other side of the hangar when backing in the helicopter. When he got out he noticed the snake had entered through the landing gear. So of course they had to keep the helicopter landed until the snake could be found. Yes, I do charge for my snake services just like any other company. But this was not about money it was an honor to do this service as they provide a valuable service to us.

They had spread flour all around the helicopter to see if there was any evidence of the snake leaving. But that did not happen. After a 3 hour drive, hot and sweaty, and them having to take the helicopter apart like a science project, we got the snake, which was laying scared and coiled up in the bottom panel underneath the helicopter. I was covered in flour searching for this snake and so sweaty I truly formed dough on my backside. My husband would not even take me to a restaurant to eat. We had to go through a fast food drive thru.

I did not wear a hazmat suite or bring a change of clothes. I just wanted to take care of the snake safely.

One other call that was exciting was a snake client who had a 6 foot blacksnake stuck in her toliet. Her daughter was taking a shower and when she stepped out of the shower the snake was coming up through the toliet. I will leave the rest to the imagination.

When I arrived on that call I was in the other room upstairs searching because the snake was not in the toliet when I got there. The client screamed and I about tripped over myself trying to get to the toilet. There he was, one big snake. He had himself wedged down in the toliet but I got him out safely, so no plumber was needed.

Of course her daughter moved downstairs to another bedroom and is using another bathroom. But all worked out well in the end.

We have had a hot but goregous summer. Get out enjoy what nature has to offer.


*Tammy McCormack is a licensed professional snake trapper. She writes an online community column for You may contact her at

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