It’s Time to “Freely Play” with Tanks!

by Brooks Weaver. 0 Comments

So I’ve been waiting for a mobile tank game to put on my iPhone that is straightforward and let’s me just get in the battle quickly so that I can dominate. Well, I’ve finally found it. It’s called Iron Force from Chillingoand Cool Fish Games.

Not only is this action arcade game fun, it includes a seamless multiplayer mode and customizations that can be applied to numerous tanks that you acquire over time. And oh yeah, did I mention that it’s totally FREE TO PLAY?!


Originally launched in Russia last month (June, 2013), over 2 million matches have already been played and the numbers just keep on rising.

The game starts out putting you in the driver’s seat of a standard tank. Within a few taps, you are online and playing your first match. It’s really that simple.

You have five, key areas to focus on when you play Iron Force: SURVIVE (Multiplayer Tank Warfare), DESTROY (Power-Up and Take Out the Opposition), WARPAINT (Build the Ultimate War Machine), MAYHEM (Frantic Team Battles) and DOMINATE (My Favorite).

Driving the tank is as easy as using the left thumb pad to steer, while firing is located on the right; auto-lock on targets is automatically included so you don’t have to worry about trying for pinpoint accuracy on mobile devices.


When it comes to customizing the tanks, Chillingo did a great job with enabling players to customize various aspects of the tank: from the barrel to the engine to the treads, customize each and every tank to your specific play style.


So why aren’t you playing this game yet? Download Iron Force now for your iOS device and start leading your tanks to victory!!

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