Three steps to personal success – Write your vision, read your vision, and live your vision.

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Write your vision: this activity will seem like the hardest part of this simple three step plan, especially if you are one who does not like to write. However, it is the most critical part of the plan. Getting to the point where you have developed a vision requires you to have questioned everything about your life. Why do you think and act the way you do? What have you learned through your experiences? What motivates you and what are your aspirations for life? Once you have questioned every aspect of your being, you now have to capture the essence of who you are in a single statement.

Read your vision: to constantly remind yourself of the target you are living for. This should actually say read your vision daily. Put it on a note card and keep it on the bathroom mirror. Keep it on your desk at work. Have a copy in your car. Wherever you go you should keep your vision in front of you as a daily reminder of the focus for your life. Committing your vision to memory is the most effective method of keeping your vision in front of you.

Live your vision: in whatever you do, wherever you go, with every person you meet, look for reasons to live your vision. Your vision should be livable, meaning that your vision is actionable. It should be focused on the greater good and on having a positive impact on others. Having a livable vision will cause you to change your behaviors because it will cause you to think about how you see your life in relationship to the world around you.

Write your vision, read your vision, and live your vision: three very simple, but extremely powerful steps to changing your influence and impact on the world. To learn more read Planned Excellence: How to Achieve Greatness through Strategic Planning. You can also visit my website at for more details of how a strategic life coach can help you realize tomorrow’s dreams today.


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