Quick-Meme #1 (Shark)

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

Hello, dear reader! Today I will be adding a new type of blog post, in addition to my regular long-form posts. This type of post will be called “Quick-Meme” where I share an image or two of a trending (currently popular) in a category that I have already covered in past posts.

Today’s Quick-Meme is related to Shark Week, a promotion run by Discovery Channel which is about… well it is exactly what it sounds like, SHARKS. There are two main kinds of shows played: shark-attack survivors voicing over some over-dramatic reenactments of the attack, and scientists tagging sharks to track their movements.

Anyway, here is the meme that has been making its rounds like a circling shark:


Also, a less popular note from the Shark Week nay-sayers:



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