Social Media and Location Sharing: What Is It Good For?

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Foursquare Checkin

One of the less discussed features of new social media platforms is actually likely to have a big impact on how people and businesses meet up in the digital age. Yes, we’ve heard about specific “meet and greet” apps that can help individuals find each other on a busy street, according to common interests etc. However, even some of the more generic social media tools can provide a lot of opportunity for more collaboration between small businesses, companies and contractors, as well as potential customers and clients, or people just meeting up for an informal social gathering who need to get up to the minute information on the when and where.

Foursquare and Facebook: Documenting Travel, and Availability, in Real-Time

It’s tempting to think of Foursquare posts on social media platforms as something that’s mostly just a matter of narcissism or sharing for sharing’s sake. The reality, though, is that this kind of sharing can lead to better networking for either a self-employed individual or a small business.

Think about how viewers are likely to respond to a social media post showing that one of their “liked” or “favorited” businesses or contractors is in their immediate area. Simple locational posts help to provide other users with this kind of basic information that often results in spontaneous or informal meetings. These meetups can help to drive a lot of new business over time. That’s true whether the business in question is in areas like home improvement or landscaping, or whether the broadcaster using foursquare and other tools is an entertainer, such as a stand up comedian, musician or local author.

Setting Up Informal Public Events

Going beyond the simple Foursquare post, a small business can also create buzz around its brand by showing a large number of users that something interesting is about to go on in their neighborhood. From summer fling events to informal conferences or conventions, small business owners dream up a whole lot of creative ways to get others to come to the table and take a look at what they have to offer in a local, laid-back setting.

What’s the Venue?

The beautiful thing about locational sharing is that businesses don’t have to have a specific venue in order to arrange these kinds of brand building opportunities. Businesses or individual local celebrities can advertise their whereabouts from a moving truck, use a public venue like a park, or rent a reasonably priced conference room or outdoor meeting space. More and more people and businesses are using these kinds of spontaneous setups to serve two interests: 1) by arranging these kinds of social meetings, they’re adding new life and vitality to their communities, and, 2) by including their own brand or business in the event, they’re building visibility for themselves and their interests. That’s one reason why locational sharing is so much the rage in today’s digital age, when social media users are looking at actual practical ways to make the most of these cutting-edge interactive platforms.


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