Apple TV Begins To Scramble. Aereo Announces Three More Cities. Is D.C. Next?

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Chet Kanojia

Aereo Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

What do you say we offer up a two-for-one on this sunny Wednesday? I mean, what with all the website changes, weeks off, “Breaking Bad” obsessions, and everything else in between, how about we dive right back in, no? Good.

Roku 1. Apple TV 0.

Have you heard about everybody’s favorite tech-obsessed fruit snatching up video app Matcha recently? Oh, you haven’t? What’s that? You don’t even really care? Awww, shucks. Well, you should. Zack Whittaker at ZDNet elaborated a bit earlier today

“The service effectively added a second screen to television sets by offering program guides for various cable and Internet providers, such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix,” he wrote. “In doing so, it allows users to find content from a variety of sources, such as where a movie is available on Netflix but not iTunes, or Hulu and not Netflix. According to the report, Matcha does not have a valuable patent portfolio or particularly large user base, suggesting the technology alone is of interest to the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant.”

Look at that: Ol’ Timmy Cook finally found himself something to play with that might actually further Apple’s shot at Internet TV prominence. The company will need to move soon, however, after looking at Lance Whitney’s piece earlier this morning at CNet. Why is that? Oh, goodness …

“In a survey of 10,000 U.S. broadband households with streaming media devices, Parks Associates found that 37 percent primarly use a Roku, while 24 percent use an Apple TV,” he wrote. “Further, Roku is the most used streaming set-top box in the U.S., the poll found.”

And this on the heels of the Mr. Mila Kunis-led Steve Jobs biopic that is set to hit theaters in two days! Oh, the humanity!

No, but seriously: Wow. Who could have ever thunk that Roku, the tiny, little, weird-looking coaster-substitue could outmatch big, bad Apple in the race to web-television domination? It wasn’t long ago that Jobs’s final promise of figuring out how to revolutionize the TV industry made headlines throughout the universe (or at least this blog; thanks, archive system!), and now they are playing second fiddle … to a product that sounds like a 1991 video game system.

Somebody call Josh Gad — Steve Wozniak might be all we have left.

Houston we have …

… Aereo! The next round of expansion for the often-discussed Web TV startup has been announced and is slated as such:

  • Sept. 2: Miami
  • Sept. 16: Houston
  • Sept. 23: Dallas

Also worth noting: Gerry Smith at The Huffington Post wrote a little about how it’s been to use the service for an entire year now in New York. The most interesting nugget? You have to dig, but it’s there …

“And I recently discovered an unexpected benefit,” he wrote. “After Time Warner Cable blacked out CBS in New York City in a dispute over fees, we still had access to CBS on Aereo. In fact, Time Warner Cable encouraged its subscribers to try the service during the blackout. Time Warner may have made a mistake. If customers followed that advice, they may have found that, like me, Aereo meets their basic TV needs, giving them the courage to say goodbye to cable for good.”

Say it with us, Time Warner: Whoops.

Oh, and for those who may be wondering when it will finally get to this area, one click and you’ll find that the move may be a lot sooner than previously thought. Can you say … Merry Christmas?


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