Sunday, August 18 – WWII Reenactment at Rose Hill Manor

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Please join me on the last day, September 2, for a celebration photo walk!  Registration details are here.

Army Nurses Served Well
Hudson Terraplane

Even a rainy day cannot dim my enthusiasm for old cars, because old cars mean hood ornaments, and I can add those photos to my collection.  As a matter of fact, the raindrops on the shiny car surfaces just add more interest and detail to the shots.

So, because there were old cars at Rose Hill Manor today, off I went to do my walk there.  In addition to the old cars, there were WWII reenactors, participating in a WWII Living History program, talking to visitors about military life during the war.  They had tents set up, people in costume, and a large display of WWII model airplanes.

159 Army Nurses died in WWII


Discussing the flag

The Francis Scott Key Antique Car Club had a show, with vehicles ranging from the 1930’s on up to Corvettes.  I particularly liked the Packards and the Hudson Hornets.

There was lots to see, and I zipped my camera up inside my rain jacket and did a good walk of the grounds.  Then I spent time taking some photographs.  Lots of people were walking around with umbrellas or sheltering under the trees; the rain was light, but steady.

Airplane Models Ready to Fly!
“There is a special feel

in an Oldsmobile.”

What a great photo weekend it was in Frederick.  I’m so glad I live here!

P.S. — Can you believe it?  (Can I believe it??)  There are only 15 days left in my daily photo walking year.  Yikes!  If you’re joining me for the last day walk and/or lunch, please let me know soon.  We’re up to 8.  It’s one of those days that I want to get here, yet I don’t want it to get here.  But regardless of what I want, it will be here soon!

The Packard Swan


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