Monday, August 19 – Keymar, Maryland

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The Red Caboose
Former Filling Station

Keymar seems to be one of those places you pass through on the way to somewhere else.  At least that has been true for me, when I used to make regular trips to Hanover, PA.

The small, unincorporated town in Carroll County sits on both sides of Rt. 194.  There is an active railroad that runs perpendicular to Rt. 194, bisecting the town.  Commercial activity is primarily north of the railroad tracks, with the main exception being an antiques and collectibles store called The Red Caboose.

Seventy-six Degrees
Nobody’s Home

I parked at The Red Caboose and walked south on 194 until I ran out of town, then turned around and walked north, passing homes, a church, a truck repair business, and a convenience store (that sells ice cream — but I refrained).  There was even an old filling station that was begging to have a 1950’s sedan parked under the canopy.

At the other end of town, I found a cool Mack truck in beautiful condition, that happens to be for sale.  If anyone is interested, I can zoom in on the number and send it to you.

The Cairn of Keymar
Mack Truck For Sale

A curiosity that sits on the side of the road by one of the homes is a tall stone structure made of aggregate that looks like chunks of an old road.  There is probably a story behind it, but there was no one around today to ask.

Not finding any information on Keymar online, I am going to assume that the name is a construction from Francis Scott Key, who was born nearby at Terra Rubra, and Maryland, our state.  I’m sure someone will correct me, if I am wrong.  If that happens, at least I will know that someone with a sharp eye out for historical facts will have read this post!

Could this be Kingston?


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