Using Social Media to Evaluate Brands and Purchases

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Living in the 21st century, you’re probably aware of the impact social media has on every person’s life. You know the big networks, you follow your friends, share photos and post status updates on a regular basis. Chances are your social networking activities are an important part of your daily routine.

But, aside from catching up on celebrity news, big announcements from your friends (long-lost acquaintances and even total strangers) and finding recipes and home décor ideas, social media and the networks that comprise it could be a lot more useful in your everyday life.

Chances are you search for reviews online before making purchases, scan the store sites and check out what people have to say. But, if you’re looking for a more unbiased way to evaluate potential purchases, perhaps you should move your efforts to the traditional social networking sites.

Companies control their own websites. This means they have a lot of potential control over what’s posted on their site. While we hope all the reviews we read on company websites are accurate, there’s nothing to say they have to be.

If you’re interested in learning more about a specific brand or item, look into your social media options.

Become a Fan or Follower

Most brands have a social media presence. They’ve created pages and share news, updates and special offers with their followers. Take the time to friend and follow potential brands and companies that you’d like to purchase from. Follow their activity and pay attention to the information they provide. Are they making an effort to post relevant information?

Get to Know Them Before You Buy

Once you’ve become a follower or fan, reach out! These brands are online for a reason…to connect and engage their followers.

Ask a question about a specific product. If you’re interested in the used dump truck you saw advertised on their site last week, ask specific questions. See what the response is (if there is any). Reputable brands should make it their priority to answer their potential customers’ questions and to be as helpful and reliable as possible.

Ask Your Network

To drive your search even closer to home, ask your social media contacts. Tweet a question you have, maybe for restaurant recommendations or local tailors, whatever area you need help with. Ask those who respond to share their experiences.

Your friends may have never thought of sharing information and experiences they’ve had with different companies on their own, but with some prompting, you can turn your social network into your very own referral source.

Taking the time to rethink how you see social media, and how it relates to your brand and purchase decisions could be beneficial to your everyday life. Give it a try today.


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