An Artifact on Television

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Last week, I was able to help with the filming of part of a television show.  A crew from “Mysteries at the Museum” paid a visit to the museum.  They feature some unusual artifacts in various museums, as well as the stories behind the artifacts.  I won’t spoil the surprise about which of our artifacts was chosen for the show, but I will say that it has an interesting, and somewhat scandalous, story attached to it!


I was not on camera, but that was just fine with me. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to meet Don Wildman though!


My role was to provide the artifact for filming, and to ensure that it was handled properly.  Mainly I kept repositioning it so that they could film it from every possible angle.  I was amazed at how much footage they took of it, considering that probably only about a minute or so of it will be used.

Our Executive Director, George, was interviewed to tell the story connected to the artifact.  The crew filmed the interview in our Camp Life gallery, so part of that exhibit will be visible in the background.


Here is George having some make-up applied before his interview. We will probably only tease him a little about that! This photo shows the set-up for the interview as well. You can see the microphone above his head, the extra lights aimed at him, and the small monitor to preview the footage.



Once George gets started telling a story, everyone is riveted.


The air date has not been announced yet, so watch for the artifact from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine on “Mysteries at the Museum” sometime this fall!


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