Can you draw The Impossible Line?

by Brooks Weaver. 0 Comments

Blog 0058 Feature GraphicOne line.  A chalkboard.  Disappearing obstacles, moving objects and keys.  Say hello to the new mobile game from Chillingo and Motion Imaging: The Impossible Line.

The premise is simple.  Draw a chalk line from point A to point B in order to complete the puzzle all within the theme of a chalkboard at the front of the class.  But what happens when the walls that you have to avoid disappear?  What happens when the disappearing walls move?  And to top it all off, how about trying to draw your line to find keys that will unlock walls that lead you to the finish?

With over 200 puzzles of wall-disappearing tests that you’ll never have to worry about getting graded on, The Impossible Line is addictive fun that is at the perfect price point: FREE!!  That’s right, this game is “free-to-play” and excellent for those few moments when you are waiting for the bus to come, trying to tune out that person ahead of you in line as they talk about their weekend or when you need a break from doing that homework that you’ll eventually work on.

Download The Impossible Line today!


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