Tidbits: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Is Something To Rabbl About

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On occasion I like to talk about new technologies and business websites geared toward the music industry.  This is another one of those occasions, but with a cool “choose your own adventure” kind of twist.


I recently came across the opportunity to learn more in-depth about a new crowd sourcing website called Rabbl.  Rabbl is a lot like kickstarter, however the genius difference is that it connects fans, bands, and venues to specific potential tour dates.  In other words fans aren’t just donating lump sums of money all willy nilly to bands who want to tour, fans actually have a voice in the whole situation and can ask or vote for the band to play for them in their own city.  On the flip, bands get to feel the love by actually having fans fill their shows while touring through new places.  The whole thing works by fans asking for a band to play at a specific place and then voting by purchasing advanced tickets through the Rabbl website.  If the “Rabbl” meets a certain predetermined amount of votes or tickets sold, then the fans win and the band plays!  If it all falls through then everyone gets his or her money back. No biggie.  Rabbl is just a seedling project right now, but it has all kinds of potential to allow creative things such as new band discovery, booking at “alternative” venues, and smarter touring by local level bands.


The very first Rabbl ever is happening right now and close to home too!  The 2005 mega indie rock stars Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who went on hiatus shortly thereafter are back in full force and hosting their own Rabbl contest right here in Baltimore.  The question is… do you want Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to play at the incredibly intimate Metro Gallery in Baltimore with two more Baltimore locals, Us and Us Only and Julia Brown on Oct. 4th?  That’s why this is a “choose your own adventure” kind of story.  You have approximately 15 days to make it happen or not happen.


Check out the recent Bucket Of Rock Blog interview with Sean Greenhalgh of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to get the scoop on the band’s new direction and their feelings on the Baltimore Rabbl at Metro Gallery.  Also, if you vote now on Rabbl you can score free merch from the band, so not only do you get an advanced ticket (which is good incase the show sells out) that acts as a reservation for the band to play, you also get free band merchandise.


Let’s not leave out how great Us and Us Only and Julia Brown are also, besides all this Rabbl biz, this show is going to be pure indie pop rock heaven.  Us and Us Only played the Flying Dog stage earlier this summer with Of Montreal and Julia Brown, while relatively new, are taking Baltimore by storm with their thoughtful yet modest arrangements.


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