Communication Breakdown: It’s Almost Here, Get Excited About Artomatic Frederick 2013

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This September is going to be so jammed packed with live music in downtown Frederick, that we’ve officially changed the name to SHOWtember!  The big reason behind all this live music all month long is Frederick’s second installment of Artomatic Frederick located in the old Frederick County Public School Administration buildings at 115 and 117 East Church St.  The first Artomatic Frederick occurred in 2011 and this year several community members organized once again to bring back the massive un-juried local and regional collection of visual art, performing art, written and spoken word, dance, film, and music.  As a highlight, this year’s event boasts a much more beefed up music presence.  Over the 4-week event, 32 bands from the local area including Baltimore, MD will showcase their talent every weekend from September 7th to October 5th!  See the schedule listed below and check out the Artomatic Frederick Facebook page to keep up with everything that’s happening.


Bucket Of Rock is joining in the Artomatic Frederick excitement by hosting a blog party on September 13th to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  Since it’s actually Friday the 13th, we are going to let our dark side have a little fun and showcase some of our heavier and grittier local rock bands.  Our headliner is everybody’s favorite skate band with heavy sludge metal influences, Old Indian.  In addition, Bishops (garage indie rock), Janissary (retro metal), and Black Blizzard (ambient doom) will be partying it up with us also.  It’s going to be, shall we say, “a killer” line up and we’ll have extra fun stuff too!  Bucket Of Rock is putting together some fabulous give-a-way prizes and crazy party favors for the show like 4 framed and signed prints from Point Blank Art & Design.  Also, Flying Dog Brewery will be providing stage decoration and beer this year, which fits perfectly with our wicked wild themed night.  Join the Facebook event to get the all the details!


Last but not least, on top of the Artomatic Frederick hubbub, Bucket Of Rock will be hosting another Local Live at Bushwaller’s Pub on September 18th with our very special guests from Austin, TX, Seth Sherman.  Seth Sherman is the perfection of male/ female duo pop rock with that distinctive ATX flair.  The band just recorded a new album and I’ve convinced them to stop through our area while they are touring the East Coast back to Austin, TX.  Joining them will be locals Katie Powderly and Heavy Lights.  Katie Powderly is a new addition to our local music community, but not to the community abroad.  Katie Powderly is well-seasoned female artist and she’s been working on new collaborations with our favorite local artists.  She’s only performed live in Frederick once since moving here, at Flying Dog Brewery where she and The Merrylanders sold out the night, so we look forward to her second performance at Bushwallers.  Heavy Lights made up of members from other legendary local bands such as Old Liners and Cotton Jones, is also in the process of recording a new album and have really solidified their experimental indie pop rock sound in the process.  The whole night should be a great example of striking professionalism and charming musicianship.

If by chance, you can’t catch the Local Live show at Bushwallers Pub, you will have one more chance to catch our friends Seth Sherman with another epic local line up at the BlueMoon Café, Shepherdstown WV on 9/19, the following night.  The Thursday night show will be our first ever Bucket Of Rock hosted show at the BlueMoon!  The supporting local line up includes, Goodwolf (lo fi indie pop), Andrew Bromhal of Silent Old Mtns (folk indie), The GD Hills (acoustic instrumental pop).


Bucket Of Rock shows

9/13 – Artomatic (Old Indian, Black Blizzard, Janissary, Bishops)

9/18 – Local Live at Bushwallers (Seth Sherman, Katie Powderly, Heavy Lights)

9/19 – Seth Sherman at BlueMoon (Seth Sherman, Goodwolf, The GD Hills, Andrew Bromhal)


Artomatic Music Showcase Schedule

Saturday Sept 7

7pm – 8pm Old Receiver

8pm – 9pm  Adrienne and The Merrylanders

9pm – 10pm Blind Man Leading

10pm – 11pm  Signs Point East


Friday Sept 13

7pm – 8pm  Bishops

8pm – 9pm  Janissary

9pm – 10pm Black Blizzard

10pm – 11pm  Old Indian


Saturday Sept 14

7pm – 8pm Dead Monks

8pm – 9pm  Rozwell Kid

9pm – 10pm Wing Dam

10pm – 11pm Silent Old Mtns


Friday Sept 20

7pm – 8pm Dylijens

8pm  –  9pm  Joint Effort

9pm  –  10pm Height With Friends

10pm – 11pm Rap Dragons


Friday Sept 27

7pm – 8pm Lilac Daze

8pm  –  9pm  Full Blush

9pm – 10pm Carousel Rogues

10pm – 11pm Ghost Hotel


Saturday Sept 28

7pm – 8pm Katie Powderly

8pm  –  9pm  Matthew Martin and The Restless Weary

9pm  –  10pm Tabasco Bustelo

10pm – 11pm Country Devils


Friday Oct 4

7pm – 8pm Time Columns

8pm  –  9pm  Kimberly

9pm – 10pm Joy Classic

10pm – 11pm Heavy Lights


Saturday Oct 5

7pm – 8pm The Evokatones

8pm  –  9pm  The Secondhand Ramblers

9pm – 10pm Fieldhands

10pm – 11pm Litz


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