Friday, August 30 – Maryland State Fair

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Tail Grooming
The Midway

My friend Gary suggested about a week ago that we go for a photo walk at the Maryland State Fair.  Ever since he said that, the song from the musical “State Fair” has been running through my head:  “Our State Fair is a great state fair…it’s the best state fair in the state.”  Today I met Gary and his wife Karen to check it out.

I had never been to the state fair before, for a variety of reasons.  First of all, it is held after school has started.  Second, I lived three hours away from it until recently.  So, capping off my year of photo walking by doing a walk at the state fair sounded like a great idea.

Sewing Competition
Olivia Reid

We entered the fairgrounds near the Cow Palace.  Heifer judging was going on inside, and it was great to see how the handlers walked the cattle, paraded them, and then lined them up and held them still for judging.  After the winners were determined, the Frederick County Dairy Princess, Olivia Reid, delivered the ribbons.

Next we strolled a portion of the Midway, walking past every type of fair food imaginable, including fried everything, past some of the rides, and then into the 4-H building.  Here we looked at the photography entries (no, I did not enter), quilts, baskets, paintings, sewing, and more.  There were some beautifully made items.

They round the corner!
White Tiger

We left that building, and continued along the midway, passing by more food, rides, and some pig races.  We entered the building that housed the honey bees, vegetables, hay, sheep’s roving, plants, and more.  It was fascinating to hear the beekeeper talk about the roles of the queen bee, the workers, and the drones.  The phrase “busy as a bee” is not an exaggeration.

The last building we entered was the commercial building, with displays from cell phone companies, cookware companies, mattress dealers, replacement windows, and so on.  There was one entire room billed as the “largest bulk/penny candy store” in the world.  It smelled heavenly.

Chain Saw Master
Artery Cloggers

Next we returned to the Cow Palace where we got ice cream and sat to watch some cows being milked.  It was amazing to watch a cow with a gigantic udder get hooked up, and in 20 minutes walk away looking relieved and leaving behind about four gallons of milk.

We had a good walk at the state fair.  I’m glad I finally got to visit it.  And I can heartily agree that our state fair is the best state fair in the state.


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