5 New Ways to Use Twitter for Business

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Twitter is one of the largest social media networks, with millions of users tweeting every day. As a business owner, you should be taking advantage of this site. Even if you have been using it for a while to post links and interact with others, there are changes to be made and new ways to benefit from Twitter.

Utilize Lists

If you don’t do so already, put the people you follow into lists. Separate people into categories of lists, such as customers and clients, professional organizations, peers or colleagues, and other business owners in your industry. By doing so, it makes it easier to keep up with certain groups of people. If you make the list public, these people notice they are in a list, and may even put you in one of their lists. You are notified when you’re put in a list by someone else, so this really helps people notice you.

Improve Your Bio

Now is a great time to rewrite your bio on your Twitter profile. If you have had the same information in your bio for a while, give it an update. There are three things your bio needs: a little bit of personality, explaining what it is you or your business does and showing how you can help others. And of course, include your business or website link. Keep updating your bio every few months to keep it fresh and benefit from SEO.

Use a Landing Page

If you want to tell your customers a little more about yourself or your business, create a Twitter landing page. A landing page is what you use as your Twitter profile web address, which includes a longer bio for yourself and then has a link to your regular Twitter account. This helps for SEO purposes and gives potential followers a good place to start. It is something more businesses are now starting to use.

Make Your Account Public

Another new way to use Twitter with your business is by announcing you have a Twitter page. Put your Twitter link on everything, including business materials, business cards, your website, blog, email signature, menus, signs and banners, and receipts or invoices you send to customers.

Follow Your Customers

The general rule of Twitter is that when you follow people, about 50 percent of them are going to follow you back. This is the first reason to follow all your customers. To find customers, do a search for your business name or the niche you’re in, and start following everyone who mentions that type of business. Also keep an eye on hashtags for your company name. Any time someone mentions you, follow them and answer any questions they asked in their status. For example, if you manufacture pools and you note poolguardusa.com/products/pool-fences.html is mentioned, you know this person is interested in pool products, which might be in your same niche market.


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