The Return of Keiji Inafune

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If you’re a old-school gamer like myself, you may have heard of Keiji Inafune. Well if you haven’t heard of him before, you’ve probably played his games. Mega Man, Onimusha, Lost Planet, Dead Rising…any of those ring a bell to you?

Good. 🙂

Inafune-san started working at Capcom in the late 1980’s with his massive hit, Mega Man (Rockman in Japan). With the franchise spawning numerous sequels and spin-offs, Mega Man became a well-known staple in Capcom’s gaming library. However, Inafune left Capcom in 2010, citing disagreements and exhaustion within the company. He then founded his new company, Comcept, to provides consumers his true vision of entertainment on his terms and not on anyone else’s.

At the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX for short) in Seattle, Inafune announced that he is making a brand new game named “Mighty No. 9”. It’s described as a classic Japanese action-platformer; which describes Mega Man (Inafune’s flagship series perfectly). For those who may not know, Mega Man was created by Keiji Inafune and when he left the company, he left is beloved creation behind. Because he worked for Capcom, the company has all the rights and ownership to the Mega Man I.P (Intellectual Property), leaving Inafune-san without his beloved creation that many gamers know him by.

Mighty No. 9 is the spiritual successor to Mega Man as evidenced by the gaming mechanics and that’s not a bad thing at all; rather, it’s pretty sweet!

He has a Kickstarter up for Mighty No. 9 that’s been active since 8/31/2013 and the goal is $900,000. As of this time of this post, the project has reached $832,361 already! I intend to donate for this project because I truly enjoy many of Keiji Inafune’s titles. I grew up playing Mega Man and it’s one of those series that I could never stop playing. Now that he has more developmental freedom, I can’t wait to see how the project turns out!


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