Instagram for Business

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Are you thinking about using the social media site Instagram for an enterprise? There are several basic ways that a lot of companies have taken advantage of this unique social media platform. In the business world, Instagram users thrive on accommodating neat visual changes that can launch different kinds of online campaigns or otherwise showcase a brand or company.

Dressed Up Team Photos

One of the main ways some businesses use Instagram for business is to take those commonplace company or team photos and renovate them with Instagram filters. This can have a dramatic impact on one of these pictures. Enhancing team photos with Instagram can be a way to present a company better across different social media environments and other types of digital or print literature. Whether a company is handling a team of dedicated graphic artists, or getting visuals out on the fly, Instagram can be an effective tool for pumping up the visual appeal of business assets, products, or a corporate environment that top brass want to show off.

Getting Pictures Out Quickly

Another way Instagram can help businesses is when photographers on the ground are documenting a new product, a business move for any other kind of event. With Instagram, the snapshots that are taken can be quickly shuffled out to Facebook, Twitter and other media. This can improve the speed at which a target audience or customer base learns about new things going on in a corporate environment. This is no small matter, since a lot of web projects work on the principle of speed. Think of the value attached to “viral video” for an example of how marketing teams work according to specific time frames and objectives. See some interesting ideas on this Instagram business blog.

Deep Web Work

In addition to the above simple uses of Instagram, businesses can employ technical development teams to embed Instagram photos or video into complex web projects. Many of these developers will use application programming interface or API tools to adapt Instagram content and in-house creations to a range of social media platforms, mobile device applications, or cloud hosted services in creative use of IT resources.

Any kind of business can use Instagram in advertising or other kinds of outreach. In some ways, Instagram works best for companies selling fundamentally visual products. For example, a coffee company or a company selling Sapphire Vapor products can compose Instagram pictures that showcase the real activities of smoke, steam or vapor in a neat and compelling way. The same goes for any other product that has a visual or video component that can be effectively enhanced or dressed up with Instagram filters.


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