SOOT: The Bag System for your Technological Life

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SOOT ElectropackI think it’s safe to say that most of us have a smartphone.  We check our emails, send texts, play games, take pictures and even yes, make phone calls from time to time.

If you are one of the millions of people around the world that has a smartphone, you probably fall into one of three categories: Android, Apple (iOS) or Windows Phone.  Personally I have always owned an iPhone, but I understand that no two people are alike and hence, whichever category of phone you own is what works for you.

But regardless of which category you fall into, we are all linked by one constant with our mobile devices – Power.

If you are a social guru who is constantly posting status updates and pictures on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter about a #topic that Jimmy Fallon asked you to do, you’re going to need to keep your device powered on.

If you’re an avid gamer who can’t stop playing the latest puzzle or console game that’s now mobile because it’s only “mildly addictive”, it’s going to require power.

And if you’re a student who attends class or does their homework wherever and whenever it’s convenient, that’s right, you’re going to need to keep that battery charged.

More and more I see places like Starbucks and Panera Bread filling up with people quietly fighting for a seat near a power outlet so that they can (a) get free WiFi and (b) keep their mobile devices fully charged.

I’m not looking down on any of these people or businesses because I know that, from time to time, I’ve been one of them – people, that is.  But has our technologically-savvy society really come down to sitting near a power outlet in order to keep our devices powered all so that we can create presentations, write blogs or play games online?  I really hope not.

Since the power and performance of our devices are now just as fast as when we are on-the-go, wouldn’t it make sense to actually be on-the-go then sitting in a coffee shop or sandwich shop?

Thankfully there is a solution that has just launched on that will help us all to overcome the need to function near a power outlet.  It’s called the SOOT Electropack and it provides enough power for your devices for up to two weeks away from a power outlet.

Although the size of the complete bag is about the same size as a hiking backpack, the bag is modular – meaning that it can break down to varying sizes depending on your daily needs.


For example, if you need to meet some friends in the park to collaborate on the next big thing, the SOOT can be a simple backpack that holds your tablet and provides power to it, as well as, to your smartphone.

Or if you’re just going to and from work with only the need to carry what you typically carry on your daily commute, the SOOT will adjust to it’s mini messenger bag size to accommodate.

The SOOT is a versatile accessory to your technological life and aligns to it both in form, with varying color schemes, and function, including a waterproof configuration.  SOOT, LLC is a “collaborative group of hardware and soft goods designers coming together to help improve the human experience through innovative product design – including having key staff on hand with over 15 years’ experience upholstering yachts, restoring classic car interiors and making bags for the industrial sector.”


I’m looking forward to the release of the SOOT because it will not only carry what I need to have with me throughout the day, it will also keep my smartphone and tablet charged up so that I can work and play from anywhere.

But in order for the SOOT to go into full production (in San Diego, California, USA), SOOT needs your help.

Right now on, SOOT is asking for your support with it’s campaign to raise funds for it’s production.  Ending on October 17th, 2013, every penny counts, and that includes the bonuses that are supplied through the Kickstarter through donations of specified amounts.

To find out more about SOOT, including the bonuses that come with supporting their campaign on Kickstarter, click here.


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