Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase for Monday, Sept 23

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On Monday, Sept. 23, at Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase, we are featuring the prodigious talents of Baltimore singer-songwriter TEPORAH, whose piano and vocal excursions are reminiscent of Laura Nyro, with a touch of the confessionals of Tori Amos, coupled with some of the quirkiness of Regina Spektor – but she in the end, she is all her own woman!

Teporah has been making the trip from Baltimore to Frederick for a number of years now, and so we would like all her Frederick fans to show up at Brewer’s Alley to support her! She has played the piano prelude for us many times, and has featured regularly. It has been a delight to see her music expand and grow and she is now in the top echelon of piano-driven songwriters in the region. Come and check her out!

Coincidentally, the piano prelude is to be played by our favorite classical composer, also from Baltimore, ROCKIN’ RAY JOZWIAK, who shows up every month to put our embryonic baby grand through its digital paces; no key is left unplayed, some are played more than once!  Ray’s style is somewhere between Errol Garner and Thelonious Monk, and he specializes in playing himself into corners that he then miraculously escapes from…

The three-song cameo spots this Monday are by MICHELLE LOCKEY, , who is promising to play a different instrument for each song,  some indie-jazz sounds from KARLA CHISHOLM plus local favorite DAN KENNY, shown here playing at a previous visit to Brewer’s with Wally Worsley  As usual, we will have poetry from JOHN HOLLY and ROD DEACEY, and sets from TODD C. WALKER, TOMY WRIGHT and ROD DEACEY, plus percussion and train-whistles from RON GOAD, maybe some cajón from WAL T WAGNER, plus some hi-hat and fancy brush-work from TOMY WRIGHT.

Have just been in contact with AMY SPEACE, confirming that she will be giving one of her fabulous songwriting workshop/clinics in the afternoon when she features at Brewer’s Alley on November 11! I’ll have more details on that next week, so get ready to sign up, songwriters out there, places will be limited. Amy is the songwriting guru for American Songwriter magazine, and can improve any song, any time – bring them on! I know that CRAIG CUMMINGS, who featured last week – thanks, Craig! – will be joining me in attending, because we were talking about it on last Monday night, so there are two places gone!

Rod Deacey

Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase



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