Free? Did Somebody Say FREE?!?

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This Friday, September 20th, you have the chance to get something that comes along only a few times each year – a FREE ride on any TransIT Connector or shuttle bus.

Free Rides 9 20 2013

In celebration of Car Free Day, TransIT encourages those who live and/or work in Frederick City and the surrounding urbanized areas to consider taking the bus for at least part of their commute if possible.  As we met hundreds of people at In the Street and the Great Frederick Fair this past weekend, we heard over and over again “well….I have thought about riding the bus, but never have…”  Think about it no more – as Nike would say – Just DO IT!  It’s Free – what more is there to like?

If you’re unsure about how to navigate the system, all of our route information is on our website at There are even two app links on our home landing page that will help you plan your trip with step-by-step instructions.  You can link to either Google Transit or HopStop straight from that home page, or download their apps to your smart phone or tablet for help on the go.

Our YouTube Channel features a wonderful short video that shows you how to use the bus system effectively.  The Road to Travel Independence is a great tool for people who just do not do well with following schedule charts and maps (did you just see my hand shoot high into the air?!?).  To watch this ten-minute long video, go to

Now that you have the tools, and you know about a FREE ride day, what’s stopping you? Even if you must drive to work, or drive the kids to school, you may be able to ride the bus to the Great Frederick Fair, the FSK Mall, WalMart, or the grocery store.  The fewer trips you take alone in your personal car, the less air pollution we all breathe, and the less traffic congestion we have to navigate through.  Just read the Editorial in the September 18, 2013 Frederick News-Post  ( and you’ll see that even here in Frederick, we have a lot of work to do in terms of pollution control.

Let TransIT get you where you need to go, even if it’s only once in awhile. You just may find that you enjoy not driving and having more time to relax!


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