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FairCollageI spent a long time commuting from Frederick to jobs in D.C., Baltimore, and for a short, but hellish time, Springfield, Virginia. (Bless you, C. Burr Artz Library and your audio books . . .) Now that I live and work in Frederick, my weeknight quality of life has greatly improved.

The Great Frederick Fair

I was a weird kid. When taken to Woolworth’s I’d pass the toys, the live birds and fish, the candy counter, and make a beeline for the pictures. (The ballerinas were my favorites.) Not much has changed. When visiting the fair Wednesday night, the rides of the midway did not beckon; the farm animals were only mildly interesting; I’m not a fan of funnel cake.

But the Home Arts exhibits sucked me in. I examined each and every quilt, painting, photograph and drawing.

“Look, decorated shoes!” I informed my husband’s departing back.

I can’t say that I liked everything I saw, but I liked a lot. Most of all, I love the fact that so many people are busy making things and are eager to show off their projects.


John Holly hosts an open mic on Thursdays. When Artomatic finishes in October, it will carry on at the Frederick Coffee Company. Last night I got to hear some great music, poetry, and a story that had us all laughing.

I’d heard of John’s open mic, but could never get motivated to go. That’s the beauty of Artomatic: It’s very easy to sample things you never got around to trying before. Next time I’ll try to plan ahead and bring something to read.







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