4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest, an image-based social media platform that allows you to share anything from jewelry designs to wedding ideas. The site has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010, and it doesn’t look like traffic will slow down anytime soon. Many businesses, especially start-ups, have taken advantage of the site’s popularity, and have had a lot of success advertising on Pinterest. Here are a few tips for using the site to promote your business.

Make It All About the Image

This may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many sites use Pinterest without playing into what the site is all about. When you’re on Pinterest, make sure everything you do is image-driven. Even if you’re just setting up your page and introducing yourself, include eye-catching images wherever applicable. Graphics are much more likely to catch a viewer’s an eye than text, and if you attract customers’ interest from the start, they’ll be much more likely to follow your business in the future.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Photos

We’ve already established that graphics are important, but that doesn’t just mean photos. Adding videos is also important if you want to stand out from your competitors and gain more followers. When choosing a video, just make sure it is at least tangentially related to your business. Your viewers should always be clear on who you are and what you do — you don’t need to mislead them with off-topic videos or clips.

In addition, if you’re handy with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you might also consider using infographics to deliver information. This is especially useful if you’re constructing a “how to” post using your products — for example, a carpet company might have an illustrated post about how to best use a walk behind sweeper.

Use Pinterest for Research

When you’re logged onto Pinterest, you should be spending at least half of your time researching trends in the industry. While it’s certainly important to upload new information and polish your profile, you don’t want to miss out on the valuable market research you can obtain.

Social media feedback is incredibly useful for a small business, because it’s usually very honest. It also allows you to get a unique insight into your customers’ brains. Sometimes, a pin will go viral seemingly for no real rhyme or reason. For example a cutesy iPhone case shaped like a duck may get thousands of pins, even though other research tells you consumers are more likely to buy cases based on durability.

Put That Information to Use

As a small business owner, you’re in an excellent position for taking full advantage of Pinterest. While larger company may not have the time or resources to change their product line based on information from social media, you can and should. The concept is simple — just track which pins are getting the most attention and use that information to modify your existing products or develop new ones. You should also pay extra-close attention to trends in your demographic, as most of your business will come from local residents.


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