Treasures of Solomons

by Taylor Colbert. 0 Comments

This past weekend, my younger sister and I took a trip with some friends to Solomons Island. I had heard about Solomons, but despite living fairly close to the area, I had never been. We only stayed in Solomon’s Island for a few hours, but the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere made it feel like a mini-vacation.

Our first stop in Solomons was to our friends’ boat which was docked at a beautiful yacht club. No matter where we turned, there were breathtaking sights on every side of the boat, from the glistening water, to the hundreds of sails, to the elegant, yet simple architecture of the local homes.

The layout of Solomons is easy to navigate, which made it quite easy for us to walk to town rather than having to drive. There is the option to walk through the quiet neighborhood streets, or go out to the busier main street, which allows for window shopping, tasty treats, and beautiful sights of the water, bridges, and boats.

Further into town, we decided to stop for lunch. Whether we wanted a simple salad or a decadent seafood lunch, the restaurant had anything and everything, and for very reasonable prices. There are plenty of places to stop in for a break, for ice cream, or to do a little souvenir shopping, and the maritime museum allows for a more educational visit.

Whether you go by boat or by road, Solomons has something interesting for everyone.

Place to Visit: The Striped Rock at Solomons. Go for a chicken salad, delicious pasta, or crab imperial potato skins. No matter your appetite, The Striped Rock will have something for everyone. Visit for more information.


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