Facebook’s Contest Guidelines Changing for the Better

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Facebook. Arguably the world’s most popular social network with over 1.15 billion users, the networking giant has become more than just a place to find friends.  There are over 15 million businesses and organizations on Facebook, who use this social media tool as a way to reach out and engage their customer base on a whole new level.

Just a month ago, Facebook announced that they have made it even easier for businesses to hold their own contests on Facebook, by taking away the regulations and third party involvement. Now, contests are in sole control of the business, including the timing, rules and everything else. There are tons of new details that any business on Facebook should know about in the new contest guidelines.

How it Used to Be

Previously, it was against the Facebook rules to have your own contest details on the social media app. This change applies to all contests on Facebook, including any form of promotions, from contests and competitions to sweepstakes. This applies to any company, but let’s take Ammex latex gloves as our example. If Ammex wanted to run a promotion on Facebook in the past, they would have had to go through an app on Facebook to have it administered.

What’s New

These new changes allow companies to post promotions directly to their Facebook Timelines. This makes it a lot easier for a business to gather any information regarding their contests. For example, businesses can now count the number of entries they have for a contest or promotion just by having Facebook users post on their wall, comment on a post or even simply like the post.

You’ve probably noticed this change lately if you follow any businesses or organizations on Facebook. Just last week, Nicholas Sparks was promoting his new book on Facebook. For a chance to win an autographed copy of the new novel, all Facebook fans had to do was like and share the post he put up announcing the date of his book release.

Businesses can also collect promotional entries by allowing users to message their business page. A business owner still cannot have a promotion on their personal Facebook account; it must be set up as a company page. Also, tagging promotional content as a person on Facebook is no longer allowed.

Facebook’s Reasoning

Why is Facebook going through all of this trouble to make contests more accessible for businesses? Well, with so many businesses utilizing the social network, they’re determined to make it a simpler process. Regardless of what size or type of business you run, Facebook wants doing a promotion to be a smooth process for everyone involved.

What About Third Party Apps?

Now that companies can run promotions directly on their timeline, does that mean apps that focus solely on hosting contests and promotions on Facebook are dead? Nope, some companies still prefer launching their contests through these apps, as they do most of the work for you. Facebook has a whole list of reasons why apps are better for your contests, including high personalization that can really help to bring personality out in your brand. Apps also can collect more data for the company regarding the users entering your contest or promotion, which can be useful information if you’re trying to figure out the success of a contest.

Whatever you decide, Facebook contests and promotions are easier than ever to use and can allow your company’s voice to really come through. Make sure you discuss what you want out of the contest or promotion before you begin creating it. It’s always important to know your goals before taking action.


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