Watch where you point that civil liberty

by Jack Gayer. 0 Comments

We're living in a time where people routinely hang their noses at the constitution; they think home protection is a joke, and that the U.S. deterioration into a complete police state is not over the next horizon. What has become of this nation when you can’t even bring a handgun into a coffee shop? These weak minded individuals want to take away our guns and they'll exploit any mass killing of children to trot out this unpatriotic notion yet again. While incidents involving the 2nd amendment trickle in weekly, what is needed is not a knee-jerk reaction, like tightening gun laws, but courting a different perspective, a tad more training, and polishing up our unofficial spokesmen.

Each week there is a new publicized incident by the anti-killing, I mean anti-gun lobby. The best way to alleviate these trivial concerns is not to waste time and money ruining a perfectly good amendment that already has plenty of laws on the books. No, the best way of smoothing things over is to make these highly reactive people see how these events should have transpired. A three year old shoots himself? Upsetting yes, but what if despite what was just statistically proven, it was an intruder at the other of the gun? Now that's a positive spin. Teenagers shoot a jogger out of boredom? If that jogger had been smart he would have been packing heat next to his mp3 player. There’s another gunman in a school down south? Well no one was killed so that's kind of a no-news type situation. The emphasis must be placed on how guns can do so much good when they're in the right hands.

The best pair of hands is the well trained pair of hands. An article in Time magazine stated that police officers hit their target around eight percent of the time. The typical salt of the earth American has not had the same training as a police officer so it stands to reason that these individuals just need more training. As the average American demonstrates semi-regularly; be it a gun-in-schools advocating politician, who accidentally shot a teacher during a gun safety lesson, or the man who tried to show his wife the gun was unloaded by oops, proving it was loaded, proving it right into her legs, or the girlfriend who twirled the loaded AK-47 towards her boyfriend with the safety off. The first words of advice would come from Homer Simpson “you point this end at the thing you want to die” would at least get people to stop pointing these transcendent objects at undeserving victims.

No matter where you stand on shooting unarmed teenagers, we can all agree that Zimmerman is going through a bit of a rough patch in the media. How quick the media is to forget all his heroic exploits. He tried to be a cop, he volunteered for a neighborhood watch, he rescued a family from their over turned car! So if Zimmerman occasionally shoots a teenager in cold-blood, or has the police called on him for a suspected domestic altercation don’t let the media fool you into thinking this man is the sum of his parts.

What about the massacres the peaceniks whine about; the movie theaters, the public schools, and government property? Factually, school-shooting sprees are rare occurrences given the amounts of schools in the U.S. and other factors, as documented in 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology. So when a teenager posts death threats and details how he’s made pipe bombs online, or he’s been stalking classmates and diagnosed as mentally ill, or is in the process of being committed to a mental hospital by his mother, we must remind ourselves that we didn’t vote in background checks, so let’s not start playing favorites. If the convicted criminals can bear arms, so to should the mentally unstable.

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